CSR Policy

Sera Scandia A/S sees the commitment to apply CSR as a policy tool, which creates value for stakeholders, when integrated into the daily business practices. We appreciate that optimizing synergies with our stakeholders is key to our continued success and direction.

Each employee has a role to play in the pursuit of the company’s CSR objectives. We strive to incorporate CSR activities in all our businesses and look for ways to ensure sharing of best practices and good governance. Combining CSR objectives as integral guidelines in our daily management ensures an optimized allocation of resources and benefits stakeholders.

In order to make our CSR objectives operational and verifiable we have implemented annual surveys that document the development of each company within a range of variables related to our internal and external CSR Objectives. Our future approach to CSR will be guided by the variables mentioned below

Another important activity of our CSR policy is related to children’s health at school. A Chilean scientific study, found that the fortification of biscuits with hemoglobin decreased anemia and improved the nutrition of the children that had been eating the fortified biscuits in school. To read more, please visit Protena Nicaragua CSR Policy (