Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Slaughterhouse Industry

As part of its commitment to CSR issues Sera Scandia has invested in projects that will contribute to improving the environment through the reduction of greenhouse gasses while benefiting economically from CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) credits. We have supported a PoA (Plan of Activities) related to the slaughterhouse industry that will facilitate the establishment of incentives to decrease the production of greenhouse gases. The PoA was developed using the Sera Scandia subsidiary

Biogas Digester Project in Nicaragua

Protena Nicaragua as a baseline whereby a biogas digester will process wastewater from a blood processing plant in an innovative way. The design of the biogas digester was made in cooperation with Aqualimpia and by installing this system Sera Scandia will decrease the evaporation of greenhouse gases with approximately 7000 tons of CO2 per year. Funding has been provided by the Danish Foreign Ministry through IFU and Danida. The project activity contributes to sustainable development by reducing methane emissions through the alteration of the wastewater treatment from an anaerobic lagoon system to a biogas system, resulting in benefits for the environment as well as the local community.