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At Sera Scandia, we are proud to be a leading provider of cell culture media & animal serum products for research and biotech industries globally, along with functional proteins for food & feed purposes. With many years of experience and a dedication to innovation, we have gained a reputation as a dependable partner for both industrial companies and academia seeking reliable solutions for their cell culture needs.

Areas of Expertise

Our Products are Helping to Accelerate & Enable Science.

“Our mission is to develop, trade and manufacture biological products with applications in life science and nutrition.”

Fetal Bovine Serum

Bovine Serum is sourced as a by-product from the beef and dairy industries and is the most universally applicable serum additive for the stimulation of in vitro cellular proliferation and biological production.
Fetal Bovine Serum provides growth factors and hormones to cells. Every batch has specific Certificates of Origin & Health, Full Traceability, Batch Manufacturing Record and Certificate of Analysis. For certain origins EDQM certificates are available.

Cell Culture Media

Chemically defined cell culture media is available in either liquid or powder form and are combined with FBS to ensure a suitable environment for cell culture growth. They supply nutrients & energy to cells and maintain the cell environment.

Other Various Types of Animal Sera Products

We also produce and distribute various other animal sera products such as: Adult Bovine Serum, New Born Calf Serum, Horse Serum, Human Serum, Chicken Serum, Rabbit Serum, Dog Serum, Sheep Serum, and Donkey Serum.

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Sera Scandia A/S is a Danish company dedicated to the production and distribution of products applied in Biotechnology and Nutrition, working through subsidiaries and associated companies around the world.